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Features and properties: O2, E, FO, A, WR, CI, HI, HRO, SRC
Compliance with the standard: EN ISO 20347:2012
Construction: TYPE B

PROFESSIONAL footwear dedicated to all uniformed formations


UPPER: natural black cowhide leather, smooth /full-grain, min 1.5 mm/, hydrophobic with limited water permeability and absorption WR, the front part is made of one sheet of leather; finishing of the upper part of the upper (collar and tongue) made of impregnated, resistant synthetic technical fabric; seams protected against water rising; quick lacing system - laces with hydrophobic properties;

LINING: breathable, waterproof, vapor-permeable MEMBRANE in the form of a sock, highly resistant to damage and abrasion;

TONGUE: bellows construction - prevents the penetration of sand or dust inside the shoe; foam padded & lined with lining for additional comfort;

REINFORCEMENTS: elements that permanently support the shape of the shoe in the toe and heel area;

INLAY SOLE: removable, profiled, anatomically shaped, antistatic, shock absorbing, breatha-ble, abrasion resistant, sweat absorbing, antibacterial, flexible, with high comfort parameters, washable at 30°C;

MIDSOLE: PU -lightweight soft polyurethane provides additional comfort and better cushioning of the entire sole, shock absorption in the middle part of the bottoms is provided by an additional EVA insert;

OUTSOLE: RUBBER, HRO resistant to temperatures up to 300°C, antistatic, abrasion resistant, resistant to oils and greases and organic solvents, anti-slip properties - SRC, with an open SELFCLEAN structure that facilitates the drainage of dirt or accumulated liquid from the underside of the sole; additional elements supporting grip on the ladder; flexible, energy-absorbing thanks to the use of SHOCK ABSORBER in the heel part, the use of the X-TRA GRIP system ensures excellent grip;

Footwear designed for users who value comfort while performing work duties. Recommended seasons of use: ALL YEAR ROUND

  • MEMBRANE in the form of a sock
  • System X-TRA GRIP
  • SIZES 36-48

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