About company 

            SIBEZA Sp. z o. o. is a Polish company established in 2020 in Lublin. Fulfilling the mission of our company, from 2022 we started the production of military and safety footwear under our own brand SIBEZA. At the same time, from the very beginning of our activity, we have been an authorized representative and coordinator on the Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Ukrainian, Slovak and Czech markets for the French manufacturer of fire-resistant, rescue and firefighting footwear - BOCHE



            Our team has extensive experience in shoe technology and production. For many years we have been co-creating specialized footwear in large Polish and foreign companies. We have knowledge that we would like to pass on to you as best we can - in the form of our products.


Own brand

            In the second quarter of 2022, we introduced the first models of CSG and DXB tactical footwear (in black) to our collection, then at the end of the year we introduced models of service footwear from the PRO collection, thus expanding the range of footwear on offer specialist. In the second quarter of 2023, we will expand CSG and DXB with OLIVE, COYOTE and DESERT color versions. At the same time, a new product appears in the form of the SVG shoe. In the first quarter of 2024, we will introduce a wide range of models of safety and professional footwear.

Strategic partner

            The French company BOCHE has been present on the market of special footwear manufacturers since 1960, designing and producing footwear for professional groups of recipients.

Currently, BOCHE's main customers around the world are primarily specialized rescue services, i.e. fire brigade, emergency medical services, as well as police and army units. On the French market, BOCHE is one of the main suppliers of footwear to the French fire brigade, police and army, including the Foreign Legion. The company is famous for the very high quality of its products.



     To meet our customers' requirements, we have carefully selected shoe models that feature: 

      -     high quality standards 

      -     the highest level of safety 

      -     resistance to difficult conditions 

      -     comfort of use 

      -     high standards and innovations 

      -     reliability 

      -     the highest parameters



            We invest in the future. We have developed a modern mould of out sole for safety, occupational and tactical footwear, which distinguishes us from others. We invest in technology that allows us to constantly expand our offer, and the years 2022-2024 are the time of development and entry of the Company into European markets.


Our mission 

            Our company's mission is to introduce innovative foot protection solutions so that they are properly protected while working, even in the most difficult conditions.

            We will make every effort to meet your expectations. We know how to listen and we will try to implement your ideas into our products. This will allow for constant development and uniqueness of our offer.


We focus on simple rules: safety and comfort!

Thank you for your trust!